A good weekend – Hornøya

I was contacted by two friends last year after my trip to Hornøya. We came up with a plan to go back there this year, and last thursday we took the flight up to northern Norway to spend four days out on the island. Hornøya is a small island outside of Vardø and is reached by boat. The birdlife here is like no other place. You can walk closely around only few meters away from the sea bird colonies, and here it is tens of thousands of birds so you won’t have to compete with the others to get you pictures 🙂

A Shag with a roaring sea as background
We were very lucky with the weather and had amazing light all four days. And as well as I’m satisfied with my pictures I’m most happy with that my companions got the pictures they had planned to take during the weekend. We were out from early morning til sunset all days but the mood on everyone stayed on top as the camera shutters was working almost instantly! The days ended with dinner and a good laughter while going through the pictures taken during the day. Being out in the cold all day makes it hard to stay awake for long, you just have to close your eyes and five seconds later you are far away dreaming.

Murre in flight

Group of Puffins

On the island you get to stay in a cozy house right next to the lighthouse, and it’s located 60 meter above sea level.

Murre coming in for landing

Thick-billed Murre

Sunset over the bird cliffs

Black-legged Kittiwakes

When arriving Hornøya you get really amazed how much noise the birds makes from the colonies. The most loud one is the Kittiwake, making a very characteristic scream, but it is fantastic to listen to. This pair got angry on their neighbours 🙂

Shag and Murres

Five headed hydra

Puffin in snow

Good neighbours 😉

Murre after sunset

Night-view from the lighthouse

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