Bharatpur bird sanctuary

Next stop for the trip was at the bird sanctuary in Bharatpur, south of Agra. We arrived a little to late in the season to see the migrating birds but got some interesting shots of the resident ones.

Painted stork feeding the chicks

Grey Hornbill

Black-Rumped Flameback

Purple Sunbird

Collared Scops Owl

Brahminy Starling

Purple Swamphen

Green Bee-Eater

Golden Jackal

Bar-Headed Goose

Pied Bushchat

Tigers in Bandhavgarh

Getting good images of tigers or of any other animal in the park is highly depending on what type of driver and guide you get in the park. We were lucky to get two excellent guides who really knew how to track the tigers and understood the art of photography, how to place the car for the right light conditions and camera angles. 6 meetings with this fantastic animal gave us really good opportunities to take good images.

14 year old leader male, B2, in the Tala zone

One morning in the Magdi zone we met a young mother with her three cubs, 10 months old. The mother would normally go into the jungle with the cubs following after, but this morning she decided to stay on the road. One of the cubs went into the forest to hide but another one was very curious and came up very close to the car.

Mother with two cubs

Sleepy tigers

Curious cub

To have a close up meeting like this is fantastic, but it got better. This young tiger found a very interesting tree and decided to climb it! Never though i would see tree-climbing tigers 🙂

You can’t see me now, can you?

The first male on the first picture in this posting is father to some of the other tigers in the park. One afternoon we arrived first to a place where two brothers had lay down to rest. This pictures is taken when they decided to move on.

Another evening we met the mother with the three cubs again, but this time they were more shy but got some good shots anyway 🙂

Bandhavgarh National Reserve

The day after Delhi we had an early morning flight to Jabalpur in Madya Pradesh and from there we were driven up to Bandhavgarh. It is said that Bandhavgarh together with Ranthambore has the best chances for tiger sightings in India. So with seven days and 14 game drives we were almost guaranteed to see tigers, and we did, we did see 9 different tiger here!
Bandhavgarh National Park is located on the Vindhyan mountain ranges of central India and this gives the park pretty big differences in landscape. From open grass lands to dense forest on hilly areas Bandhavgarh is offering a wide range of photo opportunities.

Spotted deers

Jungle Owlet

Early morning meeting with the largest male, B2, in the Tala zone in the park. He’s having a Spotted deer for breakfast.

Indian Roller

Langur monkeys in a row

Red-Headed Vultures fighting

Spotted deers in early morning light

Savanna Nightjar

Crested Serpent Eagle

Wild Boar

Langurs and Spotted deers

Our accomodation while staying in Bandhavgarh was at the Tiger Lagoon, a really good place. Not is it only good food and good rooms but also right by the lodge there is a water hole, so the surrounding areas offers a pretty decent birdlife. This is perfect so you have something to do while spending time between the morning and afternoon game drives.

Black Ibis

Indian Pond Heron

Green Bee-Eater

Wild world India

I’m back from some incredible days in India. Have seen 12 different Tigers, Elephants, Jackals, Deers, Wild Boars and lots of birds. After landing in Delhi, the first day was spent in the wetlands around Delhi and in Sultanpur bird park. The misty weather didn’t give us to good photo light but after lunch the sun decided to show up!

Coppersmith Barbet

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Ashy Prinia

Spotted Owlet

Black Drongo

Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark

Common Tailorbird

The story continues here!


Had a brilliant weekend in Dovre national park. Found a good herd of 30 animals with all ages and also a group of six males. Got some butting and fighting and the light was pretty good.

Right now I’m preparing for a trip to India. Will try to post some pictures under the trip, check out my facebook page for updates!

King of birds

Visited the Golden eagle hide Gaupebu in Dalen, Telemark. Two days with really nice weather but unfortunately not much time with eagle. Had at most 10 minutes of visits and I did my best to get the most out of the moment.

The Golden eagle is a really majestic bird and I got to see two young ones during my time in the hide.

Taste of eagle

Next week will I hopefully spend a few days in a hide-out photographing Golden eagles. Meanwhile here’s a few images from right before new years eve. A White-tailed eagle caught a prey and several crows joined in on the catch.

The eagle flew out with the prey on the ice, a little to far away from my hideout.

Svalbard memories

With grey clouds outside I’m taking the opportunity to go through old images. It is really worth the time as I discover pictures that I have overlooked earlier. In the time span of the last two years it is also fun to see how I as a photographer have developed during this period.

Anyways, going through the images from my trip to Svalbard (1,2,3) last summer really makes me wanna go there again and I hope it won’t be to long! Here are some photos I hope is inspiring enough to make others consider spending their next holidays or photography trips on this lovely place.

Thick-billed Murres in flight

Thick-billed Murre

Polar bears playing in the water

Ivory gull

Black Guillemot

Polar bear feeding on a whale carcass

Stone rests from the Monaco glacier

Snow buntings

The Snow bunting spend the winter near the North Sea. And during the last 3-4 weeks while working with Whooper swans and Great cormorants I have had the opportunity to come across a few of these Snow buntings out by the coast. The first time I saw this bird was on Svalbard this summer, but at that time I couldn’t get close enough for any good images.

Here’s some shots I’m satisfied with and I hope to get to work with them again.