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  1. Woaow vilka tjusiga bilder…naturromantik på hög nivå!! 🙂
    Första bilden är jätteläcker!


  2. Do you sometimes take Nonni with you when you take pictures? If you do could you please please please please please take lots of pictures of her and post them here? She rarely sends me pictures of her (don't know why!). She's a good subject don't you think? 🙂 Take care always!

  3. Hey Sheryl 🙂
    Yes my sister is a cute one hehe but I don't meet her that much since we live in different countries. I'll try to take some pics next time I'll se her 🙂
    And as for my camera I've decided to start with a Nikon digital D50 an so it went on to a D80 and now'a'days a Nikon D700.
    I don't print out my pictures so often but will try to get some up on my walls this year. you can email me at jonathan.bjoerklund(at)
    so can i send you the pics you want in high-resolution for printouts 🙂
    and no I didn't attend any photoclass have learned it by myself and by taking picture after picture and so on..

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