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  1. Kan säga det här också…så jäkla fina bilder du har tagit på Dodo…när det gått en tid och sorgen lindrats så får du göra förstoringar på Dodo…blir fina minnen!


  2. Hi Jonathan! This is Sheryl, Nonni's annoying friend in the Philippines! Nonni told me about your website, and I just want to say although I don't understand a single word here these pictures are magnificent. Makes me wish I have a good eye like you do when it comes to this. Keep up the good work! Take care! 🙂

  3. Well, that'd be great if you'd do that, thanks! You do have a fan here in the Philippines 🙂 Nonni always mentions you and the trips the two of you take together, so whenever I have the time I get myself online and look at the photos you've made… they are all absolutely fantastic. 🙂

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