Getting good images of tigers or of any other animal in the park is highly depending on what type of driver and guide you get in the park. We were lucky to get two excellent guides who really knew how to track the tigers and understood the art of photography, how to place the car for the right light conditions and camera angles. 6 meetings with this fantastic animal gave us really good opportunities to take good images.

14 year old leader male, B2, in the Tala zone

One morning in the Magdi zone we met a young mother with her three cubs, 10 months old. The mother would normally go into the jungle with the cubs following after, but this morning she decided to stay on the road. One of the cubs went into the forest to hide but another one was very curious and came up very close to the car.

Mother with two cubs

Sleepy tigers

Curious cub

To have a close up meeting like this is fantastic, but it got better. This young tiger found a very interesting tree and decided to climb it! Never though i would see tree-climbing tigers 🙂

You can’t see me now, can you?

The first male on the first picture in this posting is father to some of the other tigers in the park. One afternoon we arrived first to a place where two brothers had lay down to rest. This pictures is taken when they decided to move on.

Another evening we met the mother with the three cubs again, but this time they were more shy but got some good shots anyway 🙂

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      1. may we know the name of yr driver and guide. would love to use them next time. some good images.

        1. Hi Satyendra!

          The driver is called Pappu. You can contact him on tigers.friend (at)
          A super driver accompanied by the excellent guide Prem! 🙂

  1. Beautiful! am not quite sure why Pappu has given us to think it was his photo!! Not cool!! 🙁
    I was in Bandhavgarh on 31 March also! Which tiger was this?

    1. No I don’t understand why, but I spoke with him, they should have been removed now.
      Ah you were, any good sightsings? 🙂

      First pic is B2 in the Tala zone. The other ones are a mother with her three cubs which we were lucky to see twice, one morning and one evening.
      Thank you Mary! 🙂

  2. Oh, now I have just seen them all! Lovely ones of B2 also. Beautiful all of them 🙂

    1. Thank you Reza!
      I have been working with Wild World India. You can contact Vikram Singh if you need any help, or just send me an email!

  3. Hi,

    Amazing photos. Just booked my 14 day tiger tour in India. I was wondering which lens you used most?

    Maybe I missed it but I’m also interested to know which camera body and whether you carry more then one camera?

    I am very seriously considering to get the Nikon 200-400 and possibly the D4…

    Once more great photos, I encountered tigers in Ranthambore this year and seeing these animals in the wild is simply fantastic.

    Too bad I have to wait another 7 months!

    Thanks & regards,

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