After a good day in Bharatpur the journey continued to Chambal River, home to the endangered Indian Skimmer. With only 1500 birds left in India and still declining we can just hope for the numbers to go up again and I’m glad I got opportunity to get pictures on this bird. But after another tourist boat drove by and around the birds rushing it’s engine and scaring all of the birds I think it would be better to keep all tourists away until the number has risen again.

The Indian Skimmer is an amazing bird and was fun to work with even though it was difficult to get good images on this white bird in strong daylight and a autofocus not working properly.

Turtles mating

The Chambal River is also home to the blind Ganga Dolphin and the Gharial Crocodile.

Great Thick-Knee

Skimmers in flight

Ruddy Shelduck

Spoonbills and a Painted Stork

Another Gharial

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