Corbett gave me one last glimpse of tiger for probably a long time, and after Corbett we headed towards our last destination on this trip. Pangot is located 15 kilometers from Nainital at an altitude of 2000 meters. A good area for birding and with the right weather condition you can see the Himalayan mountain range from here.

White-Crested Laughingthrushes

Red-Billed Blue Magpie

Red-Rumped Swallows

Full moon

Night view from the lodge

Morning sunrise by the Himalaya

Himalayan Griffon

Sirkeer Malkoha


Himalayan Griffon

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  1. The White Crested Laughing Thrushes are a revelation. I’ve never seen them yet. So much similarity with how Bulbuls look except of course for the prominent whites. Good picture. The Laughing Thrushes I’ve seen in the Western Ghats are so different than these.

    The Full Moon picture somehow reminds me of ‘Call of the Wild’.

    1. The meeting with a pack of four Laughing Thrushes was probably the best experience on the trip, even better then the tigers I think 🙂 Amazing bird with amazing sounds 🙂

  2. Amazing Photos… I’m a nature lover too and would love to connect with you when you come to India in 2013. I have been too many National Parks across India with Ramthambore being my Favourite!!!


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