In january I visited a golden eagle hide in Dalen, a small community in southern Norway. This place is run by Jostein Hellevik, and last weekend I went there again. Staying at Hovdmyra (Josteins place), gives you good opportunities to encounter wildlife. At this time of the year you will not get to see the golden eagles and this was not my plan. The goal was instead to try to get photos of beavers and hopefully nesting ospreys.

Many hours was spent looking for beavers and mornings sitting in a portable hide, but I didn’t even get a glimpse of the animals. There were lots of fresh chewing marks all over the place but since the beavers are having babies at this time it’s probably why I didn’t see them. Well well, we all know, nothing bad without something good after, right?

One of the Josteins mobile hides had blown away after some really bad weather, and when we had found it and putted it back on place I nearly tramped on this fella. A poisonous european viper, and he had been laying there for the whole time. He was quite big and it looked like he had something of a mousesize in his belly ūüôā When he didn’t want to act model anymore he chose to swim away.

One of the days we row around a forest lake in a small boat looking for wildlife and all of a sudden this Black-throated Loon came up ten meters in front of us. It had only been seen from great distances before in this lake, and he seemed to be just as supriced as we was.

I also got a good encounter with this pied flycatcher, a common kestrel and a canada goose

The fjord look a like lake of Bandak

There is not only wildlife and landscapes to see here and in early may the summer flowers is at full bloom. This Elder-flowered Orchid is the county flower of Telemark. Due to a heavy decrease in population it is red-listed in Norway.

Jostein really knows his surrounding areas well and there is much to see here. If you would like to get in touch with him and visit Hovdmyra, please contact him on +47 900 65 976 or ‘jostein @’

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