Had a good day up in the national park of Dovre a few weeks ago. Found two separate males and also a family which I could follow the whole evening. Good weather and great light gave me a really busy evening.

A young one in morning light

Two males

Working with the Muskox is all about using time. They are easily scared and you have to approach them slowly, slowly. The least thing you want to do is scaring them, they might try to run you down instead of running away from you.

The leader of the herd

Black and white in evening light

On this one I really like how the sun hits the mountains behind the Muskox and paints them in purple.

Two young ones

Four animals out of seven

The Muskox likes it cold due to it’s thick fur. So in the summertime the walk around in the shadows of the mountains, looking for snow. When I found this herd the were all lying in a spot of snow. But as the sun went further down the herd went to a high point with a good view, spending the evening feeding on the grass.

Last rays of sun

Panorama view over the landscape of Dovre

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  1. Jonathan för helvete!!! Du får inte ta såna här bilder…jag blir alldeles grön av avund!!! 😉
    Superbt!! Magiskt!
    Grattis till en underbar svit!


    1. Steffe jag lovar, jag ska sluta 😀
      Många många tack! Norge har fantastiskt mycket att bjuda på 🙂


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