Gloppedalsura, more info (in norwegian)
Went to Gloppedalsura with a friend of mine, Matis. This is the largest cairn in northern Europe.
The boulders are huge and I didn’t feel to comfortable jumping around between these rocks ūüôā

Fall in Hardanger

First week of October and the colors are fading away. Had a lovely day driving around the fjord of Hardanger. Majestic mountains mixed with huge waterfalls gave some really god photo opportunities, I will definitely go here again ūüôā

The great Old world Swallowtail

During my vacation to Croatia this summer i got the opportunity to work with the Papilio machaon butterfly. It’s a quiet hard task since they’re so fast. Here’s a few shot i would like to present to you, which i think really shows the greatness of this butterfly ūüôā